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Total area of Surat district comprising 9 talukas is 411039 hectares, out of which net area under plantation is 276877 hectares. Considering the type of Soil found in Surat and the proportion of rain it receives, Surat has been included in the zone of excessive rain and suitable agricultural climate. Average rainfall during the last three years is 1650 m.m.
Planning and development is a constant process. After taking into account potential of various areas for the development of agriculture, it has become essential to make progressive planning. In this regard, Govt. has also adopted the approach to ensure that farmers, particularly small marginal and those belonging to the SCs / STs, whose economic condition is weak, get more yield from their unit area of cultivation and rapidly increase their economic condition. To achieve this goal, it is very necessary to retain and further improve the fertility of various types of soils in the district and increase hectare wise production of crops.
In order to facilitate systematic and updated information to the farmers of the district, the district has been bifurcated and two sub divisional offices, one each in Olpad and Bardoli, have been made functional. The abovementioned two sub divisional offices carry out all the activities related to agriculture through Assistant Agricultural Director, Agricultural Officer, District Panchayat, Surat. At the taluka level, the extension officer (Agriculture) and at the village level, the Gram Sevaks looks after the implementation of agricultural and other schemes, imparting guidance and suggesting to the farmers the new modern techniques to cultivate improved agricultural species in order to enable the farmers to increase hectare wise production.
Three Taluka Seed Farms are functioning in the district under the direct supervision of the District Agricultural Officer. These farms cultivate crops like rice, sugarcane, pulses and produce certified seeds and provide them to the needy farmers in the district.
To ensure that farmers of the district get certified and quality seeds, Seed Corporation, Vyara, Distirct marketing federation, other agricultural cooperatives distribute seeds to them. Apart from this, seeds can also be availed from the farms of The Gujarat Agriculture Society.

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