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Chiranjivi yojana

Sr.No. Name of the scheme Chiranjivi yojana
1 Date of its introduction 08-09-06
2 Object of the scheme It aims to reduce the child and mother’s mortality rate for which it has been entered into an agreement with the private gynecologist and with the mean of this agreement, the doctors are entitled to get amount of Rs.1795 per delivery. In this scheme, 200 beneficiaries will be pored Rs.- for transport and Rs.50 to the motivator.
3 Details of the scheme With a view to reduce the child and mother’s mortality rate in the state, the chir anjivi yojna has been intro deuced. All the beneficiaries belonging to the BPL family, APL family or St who are not paying income tax and residing in rural area, residing in rural area, municipal area, municipal corporation area and notified area are benefited with this scheme.
4 Who may be the beneficiary of this scheme and whom to contact The benefit of this scheme is provided to the BPL families and APL St not covered under income tax. The nearest primary Health centre of other govt. hospitals may be contacted.
5 Eligibility of the beneficiary under this scheme. The BPL families and such APL ST families who are not assessed under Income tax.

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