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Important prints on samaras village scheme
  It is necessary to have elections of gram panchayat unanimously. This account village people will participate in developmental works of the village vigorously. The State Government is committed to see that harmony prevails in the village. The govt, therefore substantially increased the amount of grant for gram panchayat formed unanimously and introduced Sameras Gram Yojana in 2001.
  Panchayats, Rural housing and Rural Development Department has provided to pay following in contrived grants to gram panchayats elected unanimously
1 Rs.60,000 /- (sixty thousand only)  to gram panchayats having population up to 5000.
2 Rs. 1,00,000 (one lakh) to other gram panchayats.
  Such gram panchayats shall be given Samaras Gram Panchayat Awards.
  Facilities wanting shall be erected in the village from such grants given to the samaras gram panchayats. Financial outlay is available from the District Planning Board. Developmental works are to be assigned priority gram sabha of local residents decides the use of this amount.
  Gnerally such incentive grants received till today have been used as matching grant of eleventh finance commission.
  The incentive govt is used for community developmental works of the village of pure drinking water scheme, internal approach roads, facilities of street lights, primary school rooms, primacy treatment contres, water have sting scheme, drainage and seweage scheme, preliminary facilities etc.
  Moreover, arrangement of  water recharge, deepening and construction of ponds, digging of wells, construction of wells  on rivers and converts and thereby reaction of facilities of water, where there is permanent scarcity of water.
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